Kathy Frost, CCMT ESMT

Canine Massage & Fitness Practitioner

Trigger Point Specialist


Located in Traverse City

Donna’s Experience With K9 Body Works

Kathy Frost of K9 Body Works did wonders for my dog! I had her work with Dylan, my 3‐year‐old confirmation show Sheltie for the past two summers while we escaped Florida heat in Traverse City, Michigan. Kathy gave him regular massages. In addition, she had him perform exercises, many with inflated balls, peanuts, and discs, and other exercises requiring no equipment at all. She sent us out each week with “homework” to help me get him fit and healthy sooner than her working with him once a week could provide. Learning and performing these exercises gave Dylan a sense of confidence and a new desire to “please me” by doing what was asked of him. Dylan is a happier and healthier dog who moves well because he is fit and he is a better “showman” in the ring because of his confidence! Kathy was very flexible in scheduling appointments and a wonderful teacher to both Dylan and me. We both gained a great friend, as well as a great therapist!!

Donna McFadden

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