Kathy Frost, CCMT ESMT

Canine Massage & Fitness Practitioner

Trigger Point Specialist


Located in Traverse City

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Massages are normally conducted in my studio (Traverse City) but can be conducted in your home or on location. All conditioning sessions are conducted in my studio where my fitness equipment is located. I can be reached more easily by phone or text and appointments are best made by phone.

Initial Appointment

Upon making an appointment, the initial phone conversation will consist of gathering information about your dog’s health and medical history; and your interests or concerns. At the first appointment, I will assess your dog’s gait and way of movement, range of motion, body type and body language. This information will help determine the dog’s specific massage or conditioning needs.

Massage/Conditioning Sessions

All massages are full body with special attention paid to those areas of specific need and include some basic stretches. My conditioning sessions focus on strengthening your dog for your specific needs and teaching you how to follow-up and maintain at home. For more information, please feel free to contact me directly.


Massage: $48 – 50 Minute Full Body Massage
Conditioning: Massage: $48 – 50 Minute Conditioning Session
Combined: $58 – Combined Sessions of Massage and Condition
Gift Certificates Available

Contact Information

Kathy Frost, CCMT/ESMT
Phone: 231-633-1131
Text: 231-633-1131
Email: Kathy@k9body.com
Website: www.k9body.com
Studio: Traverse City, Michigan (In Town Location)